Mental Health for Children and Adolescents (CAHMS)

Information for Parents and Carers of Pre Teens and Teenagers

The Parent and Carer Support Team have provided a very useful handout of local services in Edinburgh. Please click here to access their handout.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Websites and Apps

Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Lothian have recommended the below websites and apps that can help with mental health which include grounded exercises, visualisation exercises or mindfulness.

  • Headspace - free download option where you can access a guided exercise per day
  • Mindshift - can be helpful to manage, test anxiety, intense emotions and tackles avoidance and relaxation strategies
  • Smiling Mind - Meditation exercises, digital detox
  • Catch It- helps recognise, track mood and unhelpful thoughts
  • Well Mind - an NHS app with some information about anxiety and low mood, and some distraction games (use App store or Google Play to download)
  • Youth Anxiety Canada - helpful information on anxiety aimed at young people
  • Stem4 - useful website, including an app, providing a range of ways to help young people manage anxiety
  • Mood Mission- app based, tailored list of 5 simple, quick, effective, evidence-based Missions to improve your mood.
  • Health Opportunities- Edinburgh based charity supporting young people aged 12-25 to improve their physical, sexual and emotional health and wellbeing. Trauma informed work includes, therapeutic 1:1, 'Feel Good' groups, weekly drop ins, 1:1 and group work with young people affected by their own or parental substance use, RSHP education and group work in Schools.
  • Young Minds- Parent helpline. Information and advice on young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health.

You may also find some of the following links useful: